The Aperitivo is that typical pre, dinner social moment in mediterranean culture.

Dry or semi, dry drinks with citrus, bitter or refreshing notes. Low in alcohol and sugar, it stimulates the appetite instead of satisfying it.

Spritz de temporada

Our sophisticated version of the classic spritz with delicious seasonal ingredients.

Aperol, Prosecco, soda, seasonal fruit

Garibaldi 1861

Spanish version of the Garibaldi, Fresh organic orange base refined with Italian botanical flavours

Campari, Vermouth, Fino sherry, orange


Smooth and fresh, an elegant mix of wine, aperitivo and cava with a hint of lemon and blueberry jam

Blueberries, lemon curd, Lillet, Chardonnay, Cava


Fresh, tangy and light; like taking a motorbike ride through sage Tuscan fields

Vermouth, orange, sage

Rebujito 2.0

A refreshing take on a classic Sevillian flavour combination, with touches of vanilla and basil

Manzanilla sherry, Gin, lemon, vanilla, basil, soda

Chrys and Bees

Light, botanic flavours complemented with a sweet surprise. Fresh honeycomb delight

Dry vermouth, Benedictine, lemon, orange bitter

Harry´s americano

A cocktail classic, our take on the Americano, topped with our best white grapefruit soda

Campari, Suze, Vermouth, soda, white grapefruit

Black sheep

Long fresh drink that enhances the beautiful aromas of Italian style coffee, finished off with tonic

Cynar, PX, coffee, tonic

Negroni 67

A classic... with lighter and rounder notes

Cinzano Rosso, Cinzano Bianco, Bulldog gin, Tio Pepe Fino, Campari, Suze

Gran Torino

An exquisite vermouth. An excellent barrel. What more could you ask for? Peach? We got you covered

Farola Vermouth, Woodford Reserve, cacao bitter, peach bitter

Farola Cobbler

Nuts and elderflower, intense flavours customising a classic cocktail of the XIXth century

Oloroso Lustau, orange marmalade, elderflower


The aperitivo that truly identifies us: dry, complex and timeless

Amontillado NPU Romate, Cinzano dry,
orange bitter